Paul Rozario was born in 1971 in Singapore and spent his early childhood there. Two things marked out this mischievous youngster--a love of travel (he was on an airplane within a couple of months of being born) and reading (he won a contest for reading the most number books at the local library when he was 10). His love of languages saw him take up Mandarin and French at school, both of which he is fluent in, and he has since added Amharic, Ge’ez, Syriac, and Malayalam to his linguistic prowess.

Paul graduated with a law degree from Trinity College, Oxford University in 1995 and earned a Masters in Eastern and African Christianity from London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies in 1998. Following that, he traveled to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti to live and work for a year.

Paul began his career in international publishing as an editor with Marshall Cavendish International Asia upon his return to Singapore. He edited over 30 books in his time with them and then left for Australia, where he began writing in a quiet Queensland coastal community.

Two years and 7 books later, Paul moved to New York to take in the publishing scene there. He breezed through the Summer Publishing Institute at New York University’s Center for Publishing in 2004. His 8th book -- a travel narrative that retraces the voyages of the great Chinese eunuch-admiral Zheng He -- was published in the summer of 2005 and is available online at Amazon.

Paul returned to New York in the fall of 2006 to pursue more publishing studies. He graduated with a Masters in Publishing from New York University in 2006. He now works in New York as a literary agent, supporting and specializing in Southeast Asian writing in English.

The Paul Rozario Agency seeks to build awareness in New York publishing circles of the distinctive literary voices from Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries

His agency is currently seeking submissions from Southeast Asian and particularly Singaporean writers. All types of fiction and nonfiction considered, particularly history, biography, narrative nonfiction, and women's fiction. Authors should, in the first instance, email a one-page query letter to The Paul Rozario Agency. This query letter should include a synopsis and brief author bio.

Selected Works

Admiral Zheng He's travels from the middle Kingdom to the Asian, Arab and African worlds of antiquity.
Illustrated Reference
A look at the problem of desertification through full-color photographs and maps and real-life case studies from around the world.
Provides an overview of the geography, history, government, people, arts, foods, and other aspects of life in Liberia.
“Presented in encyclopedic fashion with a generous array of color photographs, the brief chapters and succinct paragraphs make this a practical choice to learn about this controversial country.”
--Children’s Literature